Boating & Yachting

Boat’s valuation

The surveyor determines the value of your : pleasure craft, sailing boat, yachts.

This valuation survey is a key action for insuring your boat. The underwriter will rely on this value for determining the amount and the terms of your policy.

For an acquisition, our surveyor will carry out a full examination of your pleasure craft. He will provide an accurate statement of the boat’s condition (structural statement, engine, rigging, …) which will confirm your choice and its price.


The surveyor has an essential task in identifying the damages and treating them.

He submits a survey report:

  • Identification of the nature and the extent of the damages
  • Investigation of the origin of the damages
  • Description and estimation of those damages, assesment of the wear condition
  • Recommentation of the  conservatory measures if necessary
  • Instruction of the terms for reconditioning (replacement or repairs of damages)

Based on the survey report and the insurance policy, the underwriter offers indemnity.